Rise of an Empire


Since many years I collect the old Star Wars miniatures from West End Games / Grenadier. They were produced from 1991 until 1999 for the only real Star Wars tabletop wargame (beside X-Wing), called “Star Wars Miniature Battles”. In this game the each player takes control about 6-60 miniatures and fight each other in different scenarios. In my opinion the game is more suited for smaller skirmish games and not for big battles. Probably this is because it has its origins in the Star Wars RPG that has been published by West End Games as well.

In general the rules are fine, but they are pretty hard to learn in my opinion. Today’s wargames are mostly more fluent and simpler. The rules from WEG (West End Games) are more like a simulation than a fast paced wargame. Nevertheless the miniatures for themselfes are very fine in detail. They are mostly a bit flat in comparison with today’s miniatures, but that’s ok, because they definitely have their own charm so. Even they aren’t produced for years you can find some of the miniatures on ebay. Because of they rarity they cost at least as much as today’s high end miniatures or sometimes more.

So much to the rules, the miniatures and their availability. Right at the end of last year it comes to my mind that it would be great to reuse the old miniatures for some new tabletop wargame that fits into the Star Wars Universe. In my mind came the rule sets for “AT-43”, “Dystopian Legions” and “Bolt Action”.

Each rule set have their own advantages and disadvantages regarding the Star Wars frame. AT-43 is an easy and fast paced tabletop wargame and already has some profiles that could be takes from the rulebooks without further changes. But the rulebooks are nearly not available any more. In fact I own nearly all books, but as I would like to share my project results this could be a bit problematic. Dystopian Legions is in my opinion a cross over between Dystopian Wars and AT-43. So it would fit as well and you can download all the rules for free from the publisher Spartan Games itself. The disadvantages I see here are the very strict limitation of vehicles you can use. Bolt Action is not a free rule set, but it has some potential in it’s simplicity. However the usage of vehicles is limited here as well.

So I would like to know from you, which rule set you would prefer/suggest? (see poll below)

In meantime I build up my first army… the Imperial Army. Until now it consists of one AT-PT (from DeAgostini), 14 Stormtroopers, one Astromech-Droid, Boba Fett, Grandmoff Tarkin and an Imperial Officer. More Miniature will reinforce the little platoon as soon as possible.

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