Oldie but Goldie – Star Wars WEG Landspeeder

I have to admit that I don’t have anything in common with antiques. But since I got a small package from US yesterday, I was very exited about the stuff inside.
Beside a pair of imperial Speederbikes for my Star Wars wargame project it contained one Landspeeder from West End Games in factory packaging. Most of you guys are probably going to say… “So what?” Well, this blister ist about 20 years old and the product itself isn’t available at retailers nearly for the same time. Apart from that the Landspeeder is very rare to get and even on eBay hard to find. So the tension was high to open the packaging to see what’s inside.

The model comes in three Parts – rear drive, chassis and windshield. Last one is unfortunately made from metal and not from translucent plastic. Additionally there is one weapon option available as well as three drivers. One driver is an imperial army pilot, one rebel pilot (he reminds a bit at Dash Rendar) and of course Luke Skywalker. Also there is one pewter flying base included as typical for WEG. The size of the Landspeeder is 68x45mm. Therefore it matches well to the 25mm scale of the rest of the miniatures range.
All in all the model is really nice. I’m really looking forward how it will look painted.

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