May the 4th be with you…

Today is Star Wars Day. Therefore there is today a little preview of my current costume project, that is settled in the Star Wars universe. Because the RPC Germany is already casting its shadow, I have taken this opportunity to fulfill one of my Star Wars costuming dreams. Beside owning a Stormtrooper armor I do like to tailor my own Jedi costume since some time.

After some research I come across the costume of Bultar Swan, which stands out of the usual brown, beige and khaki tones of most of the other Jedi and pleases my very well design wise. Though I don’t like to copy the costume 1:1; it should be more an inspiration to me.

Until now not many parts are finished. Basically there is just the under tunic (with has to be dyed yet) and the main tunic that I managed to finish sewing. In addition I have a matching trousers and my Force-FX lightsaber from Obi-Wan. But I still have to do the sash, the tabard (these scraflooking leather things) and the belt. Shoes are already on the way, but probably have to be reworked as well. So there is much work lying in front of my. The results will (hopefully) be to see on the RPC.

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