Vikings diorama


A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I started watching the series “Vikings”. The series is loosely based on the Ragnar Lodbrok Saga. Anyone looking for a historically correct series is wrong here. The series is well done in my opinion, tells a continuous story and reminds of the style more of Game of Thrones or Spartacus – where I know the latter series only by hearing-say and a few excerpts. Sex and violence have a certain focus, which is based more on the brutal events of the time than on bare skin. You have to like this, so Vikings is no series for everyone.

When I recently discovered some miniatures on the side of Stronghold-Terrain that are very similar to the series characters, I could not resist and just ordered three miniatures, which are looking like Ragnar, Lagertha and Floki. I had a small diorama in my mind, which should set the three figures in a little scene.
The basis of the diorama is a cork oak disk which I bought over the bay. Since the disc came out considerably larger than expected, I decided to use the magnetic bases supplied by Stronghold to create two placeholders that would allow me to supplement the diorama with one character or another at a later date.

UPDATE on 13th of September 2016: Björn Lothbrok is now also part of the diorama. Therefore, I renewed the group picture and added two more detail pictures of Björn to the Gallery.


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