Jedi robe finally done!

Almost exactly a year ago, I had begun to tailor a Jedi outfit for RPC Germany. Basically, this was as good as finished. However, the Jedi robe was missing. That’s because I had been looking for a special fabric that should fall heavy to the ground and also have an interesting surface. At a fabric market in November last year, I found it. My old Sith coat, which my mother sewed on me many years ago, was used as a pattern. Although you can find quite a few Jedi robes patterns on the internet, I did not want to experiment with the expensive wool fabric. In addition, I have included information and tips from SithariRog from the crazyoldwizards forum. Yesterday I finished the robe and with it my Jedi outfit. As soon as it was ready I had to get into the complete costume as you can see. Well, I am quite satisfied with the result.


No more training do you require. Already know you, that which you need.


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