Imperial Assault: Sandtrooper

Since I know Star Wars I am a fan of the imperial Stromtroopers. I think that is mainly because of the iconic white armour. It is simple, (reasonably) functional and has a distinctive design. But there is one thing that pleases me more than white armour… DIRTY armour. The Star Wars spinoff Rogue One is most recently a good example therefor. The Stormtroopers in this movie are not so shiny. Their armours tell stories and give these faceless soldiers a character. I really like this. Therefore it is no surprise that I have a heart for the Sandtroopers from Star Wars Episode 4 ever since. Unfortunately these are underrepresented in the world of miniatures.

Time to provide a remedy. For that reason I grapped four Stormtroopers of the miniatures game Imperial Assault from FFG/Heidelberger and take the matter in my hands. Because the amount of poses is very limited still, I converted one miniature to a completly new pose. All Stormtroopers got a backpack that I casted from the Heavy Stormtrooper miniature. In addition all Stormtroopers, except the leader with the orange pauldron, got selfmold shoulder pads. In my eyes I am no perfect molder, but I am satisfied with the outcome.

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