Imperial Assault: Dewback-Support

My imperial Sandtroopers got a reinforcment. Like the Sandtroopers, this miniature is from range of the SciFi skirmisher Star Wars Imperial Assault from FFG/Heidelberger. For this model there were two optional torsos included. So you could decide wether to let the Dewback be ridden by an officer with an flamethrower or by an sandtrooper with a lance as been seen on the movie. In my opinion this is a great goodie from the producer. Especially as you can build another infantry model from the remaining torso (as long as you have got another Stormtrooper in spare).

I liked the model right from the beginning. In natural it looks even better than on the shown 3D-render picture. After my fancy the Dewback could have been a bit bigger and bulkier nevertheless. In addition the lance is unfortunately rather “wobbly” and was a bit spoilt when I unboxed the model. That’s why I replaced it with wire of an paper-clip and put the ends of the original lance on it. The painting has been much fun. I have to admit that I took much time for painting the Dewback especially. I could have done some stonger highlights here and there for sure, but a more natural look is much more my taste that a overdone one.

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