Into the Burkhlands: The “Hornet”

Some time ago Brueckenkopf-Online had called to rebuild harmless toy cars to end-time racing cars in the style of Mad Max. The vehicles then compete against each other at RPC 2017 on a specially built playing surface.
Said and done. I recently grabbed the toy version of a Wiesmann GT MF4 when shopping, shoved it into the XXL garage (my painting table) and pimped the cart with whatever the bits box was made of. I roughly followed the tutorial by Burkhard, who incidentally is also the namesake of this racing event.
The most difficult part of the whole conversion was actually the very first step – the disassembly of the original model. In the end, only brute force helped, as the base plate was riveted to the chassis. But after some back and forth the individual components of the sporty coupe were on my worktop.

From here creativity was needed. The ceiling plate of a tank turret fit perfectly into the rear window of the car. Form a tank exhaust and a few items I produced an rather eschatological drive. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a friend of sports cars. After all, all these lowered cars get stuck on every branch on the road. Not a good condition for a race in the end times. More ground clearance was needed. Finally, I rummaged briefly in the LEGO box and found a decent pair of tires and the matching parts for the substructure. It was followed by other details, such as a winch, a MG on the hood and barred front and side windows. The chassis was painted in a dark, dull gray tone and the interior in a sandy yellow.

Some washes, glue units, brushing sessions, pigments and brush strokes later, “The Hornet” was born. A sporty aggressive looking off-roader with a sophisticated touch and a nuclear-powered turbocharger.

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