IKEA Kasseby hack – display case

Today I have an IKEA hack for you. I recently discovered the awesome Kasseby collector frame at IKEA. With a size of 30 x 47 x 8 cm, it is a rather compact frame, but it has enough depth to accommodate a few miniatures. The frame is provided with concealed hinges, so you have easy access to the miniatures or deco elements inside. A magnetic closure ensures that the door does not open easily. For about 15, – €  this one is a bargain in my opinion and the perfect base to build a small showcase.
Basically, the conversion is not very difficult and managed with the right materials within a very short time.


  • a Kasseby frame from IKEA
  • wooden strips or a foam board (about 5 mm thick)
  • white paper (cardboard, A3 or larger) – optional
  • a carpet knife / saw
  • if avaiable white color
  • adhesive (in my case wood glue

Here we go…
The frame has a gray felt background in its original condition. It may also be appropriate, then you can skip this step. I wanted to have a white background for my showcase. So I grabbed some stronger, white paper in A3 format and cut out a background measuring 24.6 x 41.5 cm. This is simply inserted into the frame. Gluing is not necessary.

Next up the floors. At this point I was lucky and had some old, white 5mm Forex foam boards lying around at home. Of course, you can also trim the floors from wooden slats. However, this might mean a bit more work, because you need a saw for that and also have to paint the floors white. Even with a thickness of 5 mm, the rigid foam panels can be cut very well with a carpet knife. The floors should be cut exactly to the size of 24.6 x 5.0 cm. As a result, they are minimally wider than the inside dimensions of the showcase and are already firmly clamped in the frame without gluing. How many floors you cut is of course left to you. I have chosen five pieces.

In the next step you have to tinker two spacers. I created these from Stryrodur remains. But you can also use remnants of foam board or from the wooden strip for this purpose. The spacers are used to fit the floors straight into the showcase and to ensure even spacing. In my case, the spacers are 6.5 cm high and 5.0 cm deep.
Now the floors are glued into the showcase. To do this, first insert the spacers, coat the edges of one floor with adhesive and carefully push them from below against the spacers. This should be done diagonally and make sure that you do not spread too much glue on the edge of the frame.

This process is repeated with each floor until all floors are installed. The new showcase is ready!

Short note: Because the floors are only glued to the case they propably might not hold heavier miniatures. So it is better to put light models on the floors only. Alternatively, one would have to put under the floors some angles or the like to make them more stable. Of course you can also cut the floors longer and hang the frame also in landscape mode. But then it is probably advisable to use a vertical cross brace in the middle, otherwise the floors will probably bend a bit too much.

Supplement on 25th of june 2017: The guys from the Tabletop Workshop have made a video tutorial for this Ikea hack. I’m really thrilled that the idea was received so well and is being brought into the world through the YouTube channel of Tabletop Workshop. In addition, the TWS team refined my idea a little bit. To stabilize the shelves with additional needles or thin nails, so that they can carry heavier figures. Check out this great video tutorial (click here) – external link to YouTube!

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