Longfalls blacksmith forge

On the occasion of the styrodur workshop made by Asgard Aschaffenburg e.V. in june I began building a blacksmith forge for Longfall – a project, I had in my mind for some time already. Now the structural work is done finally.

For all you guys who have no idea what Longfall is, that is the big pirate city the fantasy tabletop skirmisher Freebooter Fate is taking place. Though I hadn’t tuned the blacksmith forge to the pirate setting necessarily. Actually the building is more generic and could be used for other fantasy or historic settings as well. I have to admit, that I was strongly inspired by the not longer available “Blacksmith Forge” from Tabletop-World for this build. So most of the build follows their model. But in some areas I did my own thing. So I extended the smithery space a bit and constructed the roof more flat. Two of the levels of the building are playable. For that I can remove the roof and the first floor as well as the roof from the smithery space. Shingles, brickwork and the beams of the lattice have been individually cut, glued on and structured. On the inside I used pre structured styrodur tiles from Gerad Boom – Shifting Lands. The lasercut wooden window frames are from Shifting Lands as well that I can recommend very much. For all of the wooden elements I used pink styrodur aka austratherm. This material seems to be more fine in structure and therefore more stable than styrodur. In any case wooden elements look more realistic by using this, because of the sharper edges you get during structuring. The handrails have been pinned with fixing pins to become more durable and to hold it thighter to the stairway.

I think I was working about 30-40 hours for this build. Surely not as long as I have been working on my lighthouse, but long enough to be glad to have this building done. In the next steps I will add some equipment that a blacksmith needs to do his job and of course the painting work.
Ah well, in addition I did an outhouse with a moving door as little side project. As hinges I used two small paper-fasteners and a strip of thin cardbord. I am not really satisfied with the look of the hinges, because they are to big, but ok for the “gimmick”.

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