Heavy Metal in Longfall – finished the blacksmith forge

The blacksmith forge for Freebooters Fate is done now. I wrote about the building process here before. For the painting I used tinting paint again, as I had done before on my lighthouse. I also used thinned acrylic paint, a little sponge and pigments to weather the house. Of course the building is playable on two of the inside levels again. The furnishing inside is a bit sparse yet. I think I will add some furniture here time by time.

The smithery area had been completly empty before. So I equiped the blacksmith with the blacksmith basing kit from HQ-Resin. The grinding stone is from Thomarillion and has been donated by my parents (thanks again). The outhouse is finished as well. I decided not to clue it on the house, so I can place it wherever it is needed ;).


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