Star Wars Legion: The Jadefire-Cantina

Since Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) has revealed a Star Wars tabletop game called Star Wars Legion on GenCon 17, I am totally fired up. To be honest, since I started with the tabletop hobby I am waiting for a real, modern tabletop system settled in the Star Wars universe. Now FFG is fullfilling the my wish finally!
Because the game will be released inQ1 2018 prospectively, I use the opportunity to build up a stock of terrain in the meantime. Star Wars offers nearly unlimeted options in that regard. Because I wanted to try something new, I decieded not to use a classical setting as Tatooine, Hoth or Endor and chose the so far nameless planet from the “Outer Rim” that Disney is going to bring to life in their american theme parks. The conecpt arts and models are really inspiring to me.

My first building is an alehouse that I have named “Jadefire Cantina“. The biggest challenge had been the flat round roof. I used some trick here and cut several circles which are held by an supporting sturcture underneath. Beside styrofoam I used a lot of acryilc sealant to smooth the surface of the roof and to give it the domed form I wanted.
Additionally I have been inspired by a video from TWS (a german tabletop youtube-channel) and build my first silicon mould. Since these guys have explained the process very detailed, it has worked right at my first attempt. At least I am very satisfied with my crate stack which is created for Star Wars Legion as well.

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