Star Wars Legion: The Jadefire-Complex

Last month I showed you my Jadefire Cantina for the upcoming game Star Wars Legion from FFG/Asmodée. In the concept art of the “Cantina” building you can see a bridge that is connecting the building with another house on the other side of the street. I didn’t want to let fun take away so I expanded my Cantina by an bridge and a second house. But this was pretty hard work. To join other objects with angled cylinders is damn fiddly job and I won’t do this again very soon. One degree too much or less or changing the radius minimally and nothing will match. But this was what I was aiming for. All building parts should join more or less seamlessly.

The idea behind the Jadefire-Complex have been two buildings that I can use separately or that can be connected to one big complex by using the bride section. By using the round towers I can place the Jadefire-Complex in different settings. So I have the maximal flexibility for builing up the complex.

Star Wars buildings are living up through details of course. The bridge should represent a city entrance. Therefore you read “Jadefire” in Aurebesh (note: Aurebesh is an fictional font, that was used in the films as well) on the side of the bridge where you come inside the town. On the other side you find the in the Star Wars universe mandatory leave-taking formula “May the Force be with you”. Under the brigde are several ad- and wanted-poster, that I found on the internet.

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  1. Hallo and congrats ! It’s really impressive and well done. Magical. Do you sell kits of your buildings ? MfG

    1. Hello Yannis, thank you. Unfortunately I don’t have kits of my buildings top sell. Best regards, Matthias

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