Star Wars Legion: Wanna play Sabacc?

The Jadefire-Cantina for Star Wars Legion got their last expansion for the moment. After building a shelter for smuggeling goods and trading stock this time fun has been standing in the foreground. If you go to a cantina you want to indulge in vice after all. So I have been building another shelter, that offers two improvised seatings and a Sabacc table. Sabacc is a gambling game in the Star Wars universe, that is widespread there. A dim lighting must not be missing in this scene of course. The matching light comes from a LED. The table has been built by using two bottle caps which hold the batterie as well. Beside the lantern and the design of the sabacc cards everything has been built and painted by me. The lantern is from HQ-Resin, the design of the cards from “Who the F is Drew Campbell?” (site doesn’t exist anymore).


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