Star Wars Legion: Luke Skywalker (LED Saber Mod)


After my Darth Vader LED Saber mod Luke was up next. Converting Luke was more difficult than Darth Vader, because he does not wear a cloak which covers the wire work. That’s why I used another trick. Conductive silver lacquer – that is a conductive “paint” from the electrical/model construction sector. The stuff costs a fortune, but makes the “wiring” easy(er). As I did with Vader before, I cut the blade of the lightsaber and drilled a 1.5mm hole into the lightsaber grip, and a 0.5mm hole on the back of the sword grip. The cables run out here and along the arms to the elbows.

There I stripped the copper paint cables and put them around the existing pins for attaching the arms. I also drilled two holes into the base and put in two neodymium magnets. Then I glued Luke’s body with superglue on the base and painted with the conductive silver lacquer two lines from the magnets to the respective elbow holes. Then I assembled Luke completely and glued them together carefully. It is important to ensure that the adhesive does not interrupt the contact between the arms and the conductive silver lacquer in the elbow holes.

Some little work with Greenstuff and then Luke was done … apart from the painting.
A 1.6 mm blue acrylic rod which I bought on eBay US a few years ago, 2 neodymium magnets and a blue SMD LED 70mcd (1.6 x 0.8 x 0.65 mm) were used – external link to

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  1. Hi there!

    Really like this mod; I’ve been playing around with lighting in figures over the Christmas holiday and haven’t found a satisfactory way of doing this, until I stumbled on this page. I’m particularly interested in the workings beneath the base, and wondered if you had any further pictures of the contacts at all?

    I’m intending to add a magnet to my figure bases to secure the button cell in place and form one contact, but I’m not totally sure how I’ll form the connection on the other side of the battery yet.

    Many thanks in advance, keep up the great work!

    Pete James

  2. I am also interested in how you connected the LED wiring to the battery. If you wouldn’t mind updating with photos that would be great!

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