Star Wars Legion: Modified AT-ST

Hereby I would like to present you my slightly modified AT-ST for the game Star Wars Legion. In addition to the painting, in which I have been inspired by the painting instructions of Sorasto on Youtube, I have combined the grenade launcher with a searchlight and added a commander.

The searchlight comes from an old AT-43 walker. Originally, this is a searchlight with two lamps – one larger and one smaller. I removed the lamp glass of the smaller lamp and replaced it by using the “front” of the grenade launcher. Of course I installed an LED in the searchlight again. The LED is an extremely bright 3mm LED with a brightness of about 1120 mcd. This can almost illuminate the game table in dim room lighting. The LED gets its electricity from a button battery, which is held inside by magnets. The magnets also serve as a contact for the two poles and thus as a switch for the searchlight.

The conversion with the Commander, however, has been a bit more difficult. To open the hatch I have drilled many small holes at the edge of it. At some point, the whole thing was so perforated that I could use a knife to separate the hatch from the chassis. The hatch has been refinished with Greenstuff. For this reason I have previously taken a mould with which I could “restore” the hatch again. As commander, I am using the model of General Veers, who has received the arm (with the binoculars) from the Rebel trooper leader. Color wise I rather oriented myself to the AT-ST pilot from the movie. After all, I wanted to be a commander of the vehicle crew rather than an infantry officer.



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